Central Warehouse Equipment supplies top brands for long lasting and effective storage solutions to Western Canada. We design, supply and install warehouse systems that optimize space and workflow for your staff and customers, working towards the most efficient operation of your storage facility. By providing a wider selection of warehouse shelving, drawers, pallet racking and material handling equipment, we can be a turnkey provider to customers in oil and gas, heavy industry and commercial organizations.

We work with our customers to understand specific storage requirements and supply the most cost effective warehouse products that meet accessibility, product and industry needs. If you’ve already designed your facility, Central Warehouse Equipment can provide numerous storage products and accessories to assist with your operations. We will also support facility upgrades and moves; transporting, assembling, erecting and maintaining your warehouse equipment in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Highly Durable Products

Everything we offer is engineered for superior durability and flexibility to unique customer requirements; pallet racking, shelving, drawers, tool boxes and mezzanines that stand up to the regular stress of warehouse operations. We boast some of the highest load capacity structures in the industry, and our products carry manufacturer warranties guaranteeing their safe use and longevity.



We are proud to offer full range services to customers, designing and installing the ideal system for your organization. The CWE office in Edmonton, Alberta has trained and experienced personnel to assemble and erect all of our products on your site. Our focus is on the safety of your warehouse system both to the user and to the product; building strong and efficient space management systems. We serve heavy industry, oil and gas and commercial companies; providing a turnkey service for sourcing and installing warehouse products and accessories.