Drawer Cabinets

Built for rugged durability, our industrial workbenches stand up to the harshest work environments. With their flexible selection of standard components and cost-effective custom configurations, our industrial workbenches are ready to serve you - and to conquer whatever challenges you throw at them.

  •  Unique drawer construction: Z-bar supports, and front and rear panels welded to the drawer bottom provide full dimensional stability
  • Full drawer extension: drawers slide out 100% even with a full 440lb. (200kg) load, allowing complete use of the furthest corners and easy access to all contents
  • One-drawer-at-a-time safety system: PrevenTip interlock system prevents tipping by locking remaining drawers when one is extended, providing optimal safety
  • Full-height sidewalls: 7 different full sidewall heights provide maximum use of cubic storage volume, eliminating wasted space
  • Hinged drawer handle covers: unique handle cover has hinged plastic cover that easily opens and closes to allow labels to be added and changed, while protecting labels from handling, tears and dirt
  • Customizable drawer layouts: partitioning slots on all four sides allow flexible subdivision for better item organization and faster retrieval
  • Convenient drawer dividers: angled top edges allow fast, accurate identification of contents and accommodate most bar codes
  • Flush handles: drawer handles are flush with cabinet housing when closed so nothing protrudes, improving safety and appearance
  • Variety of locking systems: secure, safe storage
  • Secure cabinet placement: anchor cabinets directly to the floor or bolt to adjacent units for stable, secure positioning with no shifting

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