Two Tier Shelving Storage System with Integrated Modular Drawers

Metalware’s Integrated Modular Drawers will save valuable storage space, improve access and visibility of inventory. This heavy-duty welded drawer manufactured from 18 GA steel holds up to 450-lbs and is easily integrated into any Interlok or E-Series Widespan Shelving System

  • Maximize storage efficiency by consolidating small parts
  • Full height drawer dividers avoid spillage into adjacent sku’s while improving volume of inventory per sku
  • Improves visibility of valuable inventory
  • Industrial strength steel drawers offer 450-lbs capacity and a smooth, self-closing feature

Features & Benefits

1. Fully compatible with all Interlok shelving. Easy to retrofit
2. Feel confident that your products are stored exactly where they need to be while optimizing overall storage space
3. Non-slip, rounded ergonomic handle for a secure hold and no risk of cuts
4. Every drawer size accepts drop-in dividers in a variety of configurations to optimize your storage per sku
5. Full drawer extension provides complete visibility and quick access to contents. 450-lb drawer capacity

Have you ever thought of using Integrated Modular Drawers with Interlok or E-Series Widespan shelving for storage bays, or in a customized multi-tier installation, complete with Metalware manufactured stairs, guardrails and pivot gates? Contact your CWE sales representative today for assistance