Wire Decks

Wire decks are made of a high quality galvanized welded wire. Dust and dirt do not build up, it is sanitary and self-cleaning, just as light travels through the wire grid for better illumination. Rack decking is made to fit the specific depth, length and load capacity of your rack system. Wire deck can help you reduce insurance rates and comply with fire codes.

Three styles: Step beam, Box beam and Structural beams, choose from our Flush decking, Flare decking, Inverted channel, U channel or Waterfall style decking. IN STOCK and ready for shipment. Call us to discuss your requirements.



  • Most popular sizes available from our IN STOCK Quick Ship Program
  • Wire Decking allows for quick visual assessments of inventory and improves illumination and cooling or heating throughout a warehouse.
  • Open wire mesh construction with additional welded reinforcing wires provides strength, safety, and cleanliness for your bulk storage environment.
  • 2,500 lb. Load Capacity (higher capacities are available).
  • Drop-In Installation -- Simply drop the wire deck into place on your beam pallet system.
  • The mesh design also keeps items from falling through the rack system.
  • Adding wire mesh decking allows you to store a variety of pallet sizes in your rack system as well as hand loaded bulk items.
  • Wire decking improves safety by protecting against damaged pallets falling through racks.
  • Allows the fork truck driver to load pallets with out worrying about perfect alignment.
  • Allows the free passage of water so overhead sprinklers operate effectively.
  • There is no dust or dirt that collects on the shelves making for a more presentable work area.
  • Non standard sizes and capacities are available upon request.