Problem-Free Waste Disposal
A major step towards waste reduction is the separate collection of recyclable materials. Space and funds are precious commodities in a waste management program. With various options in waste containers made of plastic, Schaefer offers the only guaranteed solution for space, cost and environmental conservation. Please, browse through our product categories that are simply offered by no one else.


Schaefer's injection molding process gives carts superior strength and durability, and injection molding is the only process which permits fine design detail, such as the molded frontal rim.

For semi-automated collection, Schaefer's GMT Carts have been successful with the comb lift system for over 25 years. And since it does not require a lift bar or other hardware, longer cart life is guaranteed. For fully automated collection, Schaefer carts have demonstrated that they perform equally well with various grabber systems.


  • Easy to clean
  • Temperature range: -30F to + 150F
  • Withstands 40mph winds when empty
  • Smooth interior and exterior
  • Can be labeled or hot stamped
  • One piece body design
  • Various colours available

 GMT120 GMT140 GMT240 GMT360
Depth 22" 22" 29" 35"
Width 19" 19" 23" 24"
Height 37" 42" 49" 43"
Weight 24 lbs
29 lbs
35 lbs
51 lbs
Wheel Diameter
8" 8" 10" 12"
Litres 120 140 240 360

Other Systems

50L litter bin made from high-quality, UV-stabilized HD-polyethyene. With support for mounting to posts, pillars, walls and buildings. Colours: orange, green and charcoal. 50L, weight approx. 50kg.