Central Warehouse Equipment takes pride in building service relationships, supporting the design and development of storage and space solutions. Besides the top quality products we offer, CWE provides design, assembly, installation and maintenance services. Our goal is to be a one stop, turnkey service provider to our customers by supporting the entire lifecycle of warehouse and storage facilities.

The experience of Central Warehouse Equipment allows us to service a variety of customers in oil and gas, heavy industry and commercial centers. Our team of professional warehouse designers and installers will help you better understand your storage and efficiency requirements, and implement the best space management solutions.

Customer Needs Analysis

We support warehouse development from the very beginning, working with our customers to identify and scope storage and accessibility needs. Central Warehouse Equipment has experience with oil and gas, commercial and heavy industry; consulting and designing warehouse systems that meet load requirements and accessibility needs. This process may start even before a facility is secured, helping customers map what storage requirements they need to help with finding the appropriate business location.



Central Warehouse Equipment provides maintenance and upgrade services, ensuring the long life and safe operation of your warehouse equipment, racking, shelving and accessories. We can schedule regular maintenance reviews to monitor and inspect your warehouse systems, ensuring regular safe use.



As businesses grow so do the demands of space and storage; we will help scope growth requirements and provide new products to meet these needs. Central Warehouse Equipment will design appropriate storage systems, install each component on site and remove any dated materials.


Project Management

As part of our design and installation process, we can manage all elements of your warehouse outfitting and construction. Our experienced project managers will supervise each stage of the development, keeping the project on time, on budget, and accomplish the space management and efficiency requirements for your warehouse or facility.



Central Warehouse Equipment provides transportation and installation of our various products to customers in Western Canada. Even if the existing system requires teardown and disassembly, CWE will support the entire transition and installation process for your new equipment.